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Parallel Universe

Hi guys!!!!!!! Long time…… So today we are going to talk about the parallel universe

     (Lame as always   :(    )

Okay!!!! Now let’s start...  (No! seriously!!)

Imagine yourself as a billionaire sitting in a private jet and travelling the whole world... (Happy right!!)

Now, Imagine yourself as a homeless person on the road, begging (you would like to beat me up for that)    all these people you imagine, may exist in different spaces but equal time zones (time zones may be different) … All thanks to parallel universe

The proof of parallel universe doesn’t exist … It’s just a hypothetical assumption


The concept of parallel universe is based on the concept of multiverse.. It states that there are infinitely many universes… We have not fond them out as light from these places haven’t reached us yet. There are so many universes, so there may be some universes that resemble us.

These universes may be just like ours with the planet resembling Earth … some may be with same chain of events in the history … while others have different history, different you…

This was just a brief introduction and  I hope my language was easy and I made some sense