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Psychological Test

Hi, guys!!!! Today I would be testing your personality through a psychological test. Please let me know in the comment section.......

I would write 8 groups of animals.
you have to pick 1 out of them

eg  elephant

If I pick elephant I have 1 mark,  if I pick monkey then 2 and if I pick dolphin than 3

1)      2)      3)       in the same line constitute the same group

let us begin....

1) panda                     2) bear                  3) polar bear

1)pigeon                     2)seagull              3) eagle

1)bird                          2) dog                   3) cat  
1)rabbit                        2) hamster            3) squirrel 

1)sheep                        2) deer                  3) goat

1)dolphin                     2) shark                3) whale

1) lion                          2) elephant            3) tiger

1)swan                         2) hen                    3) goose    

add up your marks.....


8-11    -      you are smart, lack confidence, resourceful  and have a creative mind
12-16  -    you proceed to stepwise, fun loving, adventurous and do your work slowly
16-19  -     you are fast, intelligent, confident and less disciplined
20-24 -       you are a professional, experienced and disciplined