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Plasma State


  • An atom consists of 3 sub-fundamental particles:

                  Electron - Present in the extra-nuclear part
                  Protons - Present in the nuclear part
                  Neutrons- Present in the nuclear part

  • An Atom is electrically neutral this means the number of electrons = number of protons.
  • Any Atom that carries charge is known as an ion.

Plasma State

→Plasma State is the 4th state of matter.

→It is defined as a colletion or pool of highy charged or excited of gasses.

→As the atoms of gas loose electrons, they become highly excited.

→It can be also defined as a state of gas in which gases loose there electrons.

→This state only exists at very high temerature.

→The kinetic energy of the particles of the gas increases, due to which particles or atoms collide with each other with force.


  1. Lightning... Ya guys ever wondered how the particles of air conduct electricity during lighting, Well lightning is a result of plasma state formed in the surroundings!!!
  2. Neon Bulb
  3. Ionosphere (layer in the atmosphere of the earth)
  4. Aurorae at Poles

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