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Every day some new thing is being created.VR or virtual reality is one of them. Virtual reality beats 3D and with the moving chair, it becomes similar to 7D.Virtual reality is experienced by a VR box which is wearied at the eyes.In the technology world, there are many VR's.

How it Works

It contains two lenses from which our eyes see through .behind the lens there is a screen .the screen is divided into two screens which display same video. Thus both the eyes see the same thing and it seems that it is happening in front of your eyes.A phone is inserted at the back of the lens and thus works like a screen.

A headphone is also used so that it gives the effect of reality.

Different VR

There are various kinds of VRs Box.The most basic are Google cardboard. They too come in various models costing less than Rs. 300 .You can also make it (link at the bottom).G2 VR Box coming with Samsung S7 is too a great model. Oculus Rift is a very expensive model but works great.It’s simple that as the price goes up the quality increases.

Problems With VR

The problem with VR is that it causes motion sickness. As our eyes see that we are moving but at the same time our brain is thinking that it is at rest. Thus causing motion sickness.  Thus researchers are working on that. But still, you can buy VR for PlayStation and have great fun using it.