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  • It is the normal force acting on a per unit area of the surface.
  • The S.I. unit of force is Pascal or N/m^2.
  • It is denoted by'p'.

Pressure = Thrust/Area
and by this formula, we can get the following formulae:

  1. Thrust = Pressure*Area
  2. Area = Thrust/Pressure

Do You Know

There are many units of pressure, some of them are as follows:

  1. 1 N/m^2 = 1 Pascal
  2. 1 bar =10^5 Pascal
  3. 1 atm =1.013*10^5 Pascal
  4. 1 torr = 133.33 Pascal

Factors Affecting Pressure

  • Pressure is directly proportional to the normal force acting. On increasing the force, the pressure increases.
  • Pressure is inversely Proportional to the surface area. On increasing,the surface area, the pressure decreases.


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Do You Know

  • Fluids also exert pressure.
  • The gasses exert pressure on the walls of the containers.
  • The pressure in the liquid increases with depth.