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Hey guys ! How far do you think the VR world can go ? See this ( all VR fans right? ... nevermind, who isn't) ! Today we are talking about another new advancement in the VR world which is the StrikerVR. 

The Arena Infinity, a wireless peripheral, is designed for out of home VR attractions like zero latency and the void. StrikerVR says that the partner PhaseSpace will be the first to use the haptic peripheral to show it working on their tracking system.

This peripheral will be a haptic doorway into the virtual space that can do just more than simulate the feeling of a contemporary gun. The company has been experimenting with various haptic effects that can be achieved with their technology. Single shot , out of ammo , three round burst , chainsaw , pulse rifle , etc. Here's a video of the prototype StrikerVR Infinity V1   ↓


Well ... the advancements in the VR tech just doesn't seem to take a break and neither do companies, trying to make VR experience as real as possible. I don't know about anyone else but i can't wait for StrikerVR to come ! Thanks guys for reading this article. Stay tuned for more VR and tech !

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