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Bow of Lord Shiva

Hi, guys !!! Today we will talk about the bow of mighty Shiva and what was it made up of......
According to the Puranas, it, the bow was very heavy and to lit, it required 300 men !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Only Lord Rama lifted it up in the swayamvara of  Sita ...


Shiv Dhanush also known as Pinaka was the bow of lord Shiva, crafted by god Vishwakarma.
It was so heavy that it required more than 300 men to lift it above the ground.



An average person lifts a weight up to 70 kg...
So 300 people will lift it up to 21000 kg

Let's assume the bow to be 21000 kg

By considering standard height of bow as 1.68 meters the density of bow will be.....
6225911 kg/ cubic metre


The densest material on Earth is Osmium ( density- 22500 kg / metre cube)
but how was this possible....
Maybe god Vishwakarma crafted the bow from the material taken from neutron stars...!!!!
Neutron stars are considered as most densest celestial objects to exist on universe..

Amazing isn't it ?????

The ancient civilization had the much-advanced technology...


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