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Transformers in Real ??

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We all have seen Transformers. After seeing the movie we wished our car could transform and we could play with it. All of us would have thought that what would happen, if they existed in real life. If you had given this thought then your imagination has become real or would be in few years. A car has been made which can transform itself to a robot.


Boffins have invented a car which can transform into a human like bot. The BMW is as playful as our yellow Bumblebee but currently it can't walk. It is now controlled by a remote.

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The front part of the robot becomes the chest of the transformer. Its head comes from within like the Optimus Prime in the movie. The back area becomes its legs while it moves with the help of the rear wheels. The front doors become the hands of the robot.


There is yet another car which can transform itself, named Letron . This has been made by a Turkish company which got its name from a BMW 3 series. Its functioning is the same way as the previous one.

The scope in this field is immense. There are many people who are working meticulously in this area to make these giant robots a reality. This is just the beginning. This technology can be further applied to war tanks and aircrafts too.